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Screen Cases for Merit

  • Review policies, procedures and standards
  • Identify standards of care, causation and damage issues
  • Assess liability, causation and damage issues

Organize Medical Records

  • Confirm all records present
  • Organize, tab and paginate

Review & Analyze Medical Records

  • Assess for tampering, missing pages or omissions
  • Identify deviation and adherence to applicable standards of care
  • Clarify and define medical language and abbreviations
  • Research and analyze medical issues

Summarize Records & Provide Results

  • Provide nursing opinions, short or comprehensive reports
  • Prepare chronologies or timelines
  • Identify potential defendants and expert witnesses
  • Interview experts, witnesses and clients
  • Develop questions for interrogatories and depositions
  • Provide comprehensive literature searches
  • Define diagnostic procedures and medical terms
  • Translate medical terminology into lay terms
  • Educate regarding case medical facts and issues
  • Assist with exhibit preparation
  • Train and educate on health science and healthcare topics
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